ZCB series CB-0.8 rotor oil pump for gear pump motor

The device is for all kinds of mechanical and reducer special trace lubrication oil pump, compact structure, beautiful, favored by the majority of machinery industry. (Note: 1, the mounting hole is divided into two kinds of four hole and sextuple, see below; 2, the product used motor normal motor and explosion proof motor.

Three, product use and maintenance

The 60 flange is directly connected with the user can be installed on mechanical pipe joint of M10X1, is also available for oil tubing. This system can meet the viscosity in all kinds of lubricating oil 38cst below, the temperature within the scope of 0-60 deg.c, proposed six months the oil a, filtration precision is not greater than 30 m, the continuous use of the oil filter should be often clear washing unblocked, the oil outlet pipe diameter not less than 6mm, oil points to overflow device to prevent internal pressure.